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Sticky Post #1

Hi! This journal is semi-friends only. That means I post mostly everything but recs, PSAs, and a few fandom musing behind a friends cut. Mostly because I run my mouth a lot and I don't see a reason for my ~very unique and special~ thoughts to go everywhere on the internet.

If you are friending me to read my fic, PM me and I'll send you to my fic journal.

If you are friending me because I keep making all those posts about Aaron Stanford on ohnotheydidnt, you should probably join stanfordwank.

If you are friending me for any other reason, A+. I like being friended. It makes me feel all tingly. However, unless I know you from somewhere (or see that we have a community in common), I may not friend you back. If I don't friend you back in a couple of days, you can just drop me a line here and I'll get on it.

Unless you're really young or something, then I may or may not friend you depending on how magnanimous I am feeling at a particular moment.

You can also follow me on twitter, where I am vangoghstars. My twitter really isn't that interesting. I mostly just complain about traffic a lot.

Also, be warned: I like commenting on other people's entries a lot. I have a lot of free time. It makes me happy. I also like emoticons and the sarcastic yet current use of memes and netspeak. And I curse a lot and say "cunt" and rant about vague things.

I also kind of hate sticky posts, so I have no idea how this is going to last.

I'm already thinking of taking down my other one and just linking to it, but anyway.

This post is way too long.

The end.
I have a fic due tomorrow and I need a SUPER FAST beta for it (it's not finished yet--sometime later tonight). It's H/D and it'll probably be 10,000 words or so.. Could probably use some Brit picking but I can usually fake that enough too not be too obnoxious but not enough to fool anybody.

Anyone know where the beta readers who love to beta strangers' stuff hang out on Easter weekend?

LOL, my life.

May. 21st, 2010

Lol.. Hey livejournal.. S'up. It's been, like, what? Months, or something?

I've been busy spamming ontd_ai and crawling out of another one of my famous ~deep depressions~. I'm good now, though! How are ya'll?


P.S. Hey new friends!
Oh my god, oh my god you guys! hd_holidays reveals are in! I only guessed one fic right and I knew without a doubt whose it was because it was far too easy. I am COMPLETELY FLOORED by the amount of great fic turned out this year and also how much fun it was and what good spirits everyone was in about this fest.

I WANT EVERY YEAR OF MY LIFE TO HAVE hd_holidays!!! I REQUIRE EVERY MONTH TO BE DECEMBER! Only then I would always be broke and grumpy, so maybe once a year is enough...

That being said, the fic I wrote is... *drumroll*

Secretary Tuesdays, or: Things UnspokenCollapse )

Oh fuck it, it's eating F-list space. DO NOT WANT MY BRIGHT FANDOM LOVE LIGHT TO HIDE UNDER A BUSHEL!!! Only, I don't want anyone to blow it out either so I will hide it under a cut in order not to piss anyone off. I love you F-list. For serious. <3<3<3Collapse )

So Excited/So Scared

hd_holidays reveals go up tomorrow.

I'm going to need Jessi Spano help me describe how I feel about this:

So.. help_haiti makes me semi-uncomfortable because I have NO DISCERNABLE SKILLS unless you want me to stand around making pithy offhand comments or analyzing something to death, and I am living on a series of bounced checks until payday so bidding is not exactly in my budget at the moment. I feel like I should be doing more.

But I will pimp the hell out of help_haiti because I do think it's a good thing for a good cause.

Also, when Hurricane Katrina happened, I was working at Answer One. We answered for the KY Red Cross, and one of the things they kept telling us when people would call in and ask where they could send food or money, one of the things they kept saying was that one of the most important things to donate was blood.

People don't think about it that much because it's free, but I've read a few things talking about how Haiti's hospitals were also pretty devastated, and the blood supply is low. Which doesn't help because a lot of Haitians are being forbidden to give blood because of fear of risk of AIDS and other diseases.

So please check out www.givelife.org to find a blood drive near you.

Also, if anyone can think of any other cost efficient ways of helping, I'm all ears.


Jan. 13th, 2010


Multi-fandom auction to make money for Haiti.


Text YELE to 501501 to donate $5
Text "HAITI" to 90999 to donate $10

You can also donate at plenty of other places on the web. Google it!

I wish more fanfiction summaries actually told me what the fic was about. Unless I'm really fucking bored, I don't even bother with fic where the summaries don't tell me what I'm getting into. And even then, I tend to skim the first couple of paragraphs, and unless your fic is amazing from the get go, I back button that shit and keep it moving.

Summaries: they are your friend. Learn how to write them. I suggest going here. It is an article that gives advice on how to write loglines for screenplays. Your summary may come over a little dry until you get the hang of it, but at least it will allow you to let the audience know, "Hey, there's a pretty cool story under the cut! If you click on it and keep reading, it will unfold!"

Thank you. That is all.

Last Round of HD_Hols recs:

I know, they've been a long time coming, but I've felt so lazy lately, and the end of the fest was SO GOOD and there are SO MANY. So I didn't really feel too horrible, since most of them were probably recced all over the place anyway.

Recs!Collapse )

Jan. 1st, 2010

I have no idea what to do with my work day now hd_holidays is over. Writing is a lot harder with interruption than reading.. Or at least when I'm working with a notebook and 5 people every 20 minutes coming in and asking me "This price that's written on the bottom of the shoe that's next to the bit that says 'price'? Is that how much they cost? Oh. Do you have any for less than that?". To which I have to politely explain that no, at Stride Rite, we do not have very many shoes for less than 29.99 and the ones we do have are extrardinarily limited because they are on sale. That is why we don't have them in your kid's size. And bitching to me about how much the shoes cost doesnt make them cost any less. It just makes me want to slam my fingers in the cash register drawer to break up the crushing feeling of monotony as you smother me with tedious questions.

That being said: I want my distraction back.

Oh well... Jessie will be here in half an hour and hp_kinkfest will be here at the end of the month. So there's that to look forward to. I just need to finish my fic first...



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